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Intercultural Skills that University Graduates and Businesses in Europe Need Today. Europe-wide practitioner seminar for the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR, Nov 2022), jointly with the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research LCBER:

Invited Speaker at the CIPD Behavioural Science at Work Conference on Workplace Inclusion and Diversity through a Behavioural Lens (Sept 2022).

Ajeyomi, A., Moser, K. S. & Czarnecka, B. (2022). Linking Individual Multiculturalism to Work Behaviour: The Role of Stereotype Activation and Need for Cognitive Closure. Academy of Management Proceedings 2022 (1), 13955. AoM Annual Meeting Seattle, USA.
Moser, K. S. (2022). Well done vs. well paid: The influence of verbal and financial rewards on prosocial motivation in knowledge sharing dilemmas. Symposium on 'New developments of Self Determination Theory at Work', Academy of Management Proceedings 2022, AoM Annual Meeting Seattle, USA.

What makes cooperation successful? The basis of prosocial behaviour at work. Public lecture series at London South Bank University, London, UK (March 2022).

Invited blog post about our recent research on social mindfulness and how it connects to core societal issues for the Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN, January 2022):

Van Doesum, N., Murphy, R.O, …, Moser, K. S. et al. (2022). Reply to Nielsen et al.: Social mindfulness associated with countries' environmental performance and individual environmental concern. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

Van Doesum, N., Murphy, R.O, …, Moser, K. S. et al. (2022). Reply to Komatsu et al.: From local social mindfulness to global sustainability efforts? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

Research on Social Mindfulness across the Globe featured by PsychReg (September 2021): Climate Change and COVID-19 Could Be Tackled Through New Human Behaviour Research

New paper on Social Mindfulness in PNAS:
Van Doesum, N. J., …, Moser, K. S. et al. (2021). Social mindfulness and prosociality vary across the globe. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(35), e2023846118.

Remote Working and Intercultural Collaboration: A virtual conference jointly organised by the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research (LCBER) and the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR UK) on 27th May 2021. The video with my keynote and all other practitioner and research contributions are freely available on YouTube.

‘Zoom fatigue: The dark side of the new hybrid model of work’. Remote work threatens to exacerbate existing workplace inequalities as disadvantaged groups are disproportionately affected (Interview with TechMonitor, April 2021, about our research on remote employees’ wellbeing and productivity during lockdown in the UK).

‘New research identifies key skills graduates need to work in Europe’ (Research featured in University Business Magazine, March 2021). The full report on our findings from two surveys with employers and graduates in four European countries is freely available.

My interview with BBC World Service (2nd March 2021) for their WorldBusinessReport about my research on the rise of zoom, remote working beyond Covid19 and about the new normal in the future of work (Interview starts 7 mins in).

‘Working from home leads to ‘Zoom fatigue’. Video calls are more tiring to deal with than other forms of digital communication, research reveals. (People Management Magazine, January 2021).

‘Remote Working and Leading Beyond Covid-19’. My Virtual Public Lecture from 2nd December 2020 is freely available on YouTube.

Tech Talk Radio: ‘The true impact of remote working’. Listen to my interview with TechTalk Radio (November 2020).

‘Zoom fatigue’ is a real thing’. Our study during full lockdown in the UK looked at energy depletion and need for recovery of remote employees (research featured in Metro UK, November 2020)

‘Working remotely during the UK’s first Covid19 lockdown led to an increase in employees suffering from ‘zoom fatigue’ while generating a need for longer recovery time’, says new research (featured in About Manchester, November 2020).

‘Zoom fatigue’ is a thing, study shows. The explosion of remote working during the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown saw employees suffer from ‘Zoom fatigue’ and has seen workers’ routines being dictated by ‘what technology packages are available’, according to Prof Karin Moser (Research featured in Personnel Today, November 2020).

Our research on the digital divide and social media use of London street gangs featured in a new BBC documentary film called ‘The Lost Boys’, available on BBC iPlayer (October 2020) and was promoted on BBC News at Ten, BBC World Service Radio, and BBC Digital Online.

‘When The World Pivoted To Video. COVID-19 threw us all into a global remote-working experiment. Will the future of the workplace be on zoom?’ (Interview with GQ Magazine, October 2020)

‘Business schools look for lessons on the Covid front line. Researchers are grappling with how to understand and help organisations in the pandemic’ (Research featured in Financial Times, September 2020).

‘The Impact of Digital Media on the Wellbeing and Productivity of Remote Employees during Lockdown in the Covid-19 Pandemic’ (August 2020). Study with full-time employees in the UK investigated for the first time why video calls are depleting.
‘Zoom took over the world. This is what will happen next’ (Interview with WIRED Magazine, August 2020): Covid-19 threw us all into a global remote-working experiment. But will the future of the workplace be on Zoom?
‘The Triumph of the Countryside?’ (Online panellist, together with Edward Glaeser, Harvard University, Richard Florida, University of Toronto, Kay Axhausen, ETH Zurich, June 2020): Discussion with international experts on the longer-term effects of the Covid19 Pandemic on cities, regional developments, and the future of work.
'No two gangs are alike: The digital divide in street gangs’ differential adaptations to social media' (April 2020) New paper out in Computers in Human Behavior Journal.
‘How digital media change our interactions with others – Theoretical foundations and practical examples from the health and social care sector’ (June 2019). Keynote Speaker at the International Summer School ‘Social Work in the Digital Age’, Basel, Switzerland
‘Psychological Aspects of Digital Transformation in Business and Management’ (March 2019). Invited Speaker at the Launch of the British Academy of Management Continental Network, British Embassy, Berlin, Germany
‘Decisions under uncertainty in knowledge and information sharing dilemmas’ (November 2018). Invited Speaker at the Conference on Challenging Radical Uncertainty in Society, Science and the Environment, UCL, London, UK.