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A new study with employees working remotely during the Covid-19 Pandemic (August 2020) gives essential insights into why video calls, in particular, can be so depleting, which digital media work best for which tasks and the mechanisms that help us maintain our wellbeing and productivity during prolonged remote working. The short paper is fully accessible here

• Full Citation:
Rivkin, W., Moser, K. S., Diestel, S. & Alshaik, I. (2020). Self-Control and Self-Regulation as Mechanisms Linking Remote Communication to Employee Well-Being during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Academy of Management Proceedings 2020: OB Division’s Plenary Session on COVID-19: AoM Virtual Annual Meeting 2020.

Interview with WIRED Magazine (August 2020): Zoom took over the world. This is what will happen next.

Covid-19 threw us all into a global remote-working experiment. But will the future of the workplace be on Zoom?

Online panelist (June 2020): The triumph of the country side?
On Wednesday, 17th June 2020 we discussed with international and national experts what the future holds for cities and regional developments after the immediate effects of coronavirus have passed:

• Will corona accelerate certain trends in cities and rural regions?

• What are the psychological differences between real and online interactions?

• Current mobility trends: what stays and what goes?

• How we work: will there be a long-term shift towards more home office and if so, how will this affect our cities?

• Will our homes become more important? Can we recognize changing patterns in people looking for a new home?


No two gangs are alike: The digital divide in street gangs’ differential adaptations to social media
New paper out in Computers in Human Behavior: Link
Press Release: Link


Moser, K. S. (2020, 17th June) Remote Working during Covid-19 Pandemic: Short and long-term effects on work interactions and the future of work. International Online Panelist together with Edward Glaeser, Harvard University, Richard Florida, University of Toronto, Kay Axhausen, ETH Zurich, on long-term effects of the Pandemic

Moser, K.S. (2019). How digital media change our interactions with others – Theoretical foundations and practical examples from the health and social care sector. Opening Keynote International Summer School ‘Social Work in the Digital Age’, Basel, Switzerland

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